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Chapter 2 (part 2) The Creatures of the Old

A scream cries through the air. It’s mine. Blood gushes out of the scratch in my arm. I’m lying on the ground. There’s a wolf on top of me. The wolf scratches again. Everything goes black.


I wake up with agonising pain. I scan my surroundings but i can’t see much. I’m not sure if it’s because i’m lying in the dark or because i’m finally blind. Or you know, you could be dead, i think to myself. No, it hurts too much, death would be more peaceful. I snort. How would you know, i think, you’ve never been dead before.

With a groan, i try to get up. I need something to distract myself  from my annoying brain. My head has obviously had too much hits for one day.

“You should rest,” A voice comes from behind me. My heart leaps to my throat before i realise it’s just Orion. How is that any better, i think. How can you trust two strangers who carry ancient weapons for fun?

Orion slowly comes towards me as if he’s afraid. His arm is battered and bruised and his face is covered with scratches. His eyes are bloodshot and…angry. His eyes. Slowly, the last few hours come back. What have i done? I’m sitting with two unknown people and i feel safe. No, i felt safe.

I need to get out. I don’t know how they were controlling me before but i need to get away as soon as possible. Maybe because they’re injured, they can’t force me to do anything anymore. I need to get back to my life no matter how damaged that may be. Before their powers come back.

I slowly back away but i hit something. Andromeda is behind me. She looks into my eyes and haltingly i feel my own will being drained again. With a gasp, i fall back into the cloudy world of the unknown.


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