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The Fence

I walked down the lane with a bounce in my step. I was finally going to do it.

As i reached the place, i smiled. There was a fence in front of me blocking me from the outside world. Blocking everyone who lived here. The fence went around my whole village, which was known for it’s ‘peacefulness’ and ‘luxury’. No-one here realised that the government had surrounded us like wolves, waiting to attack the moment we showed weakness. Our village was a jail they had trapped us in, a jail we had willingly walked into.

The fence was small and i could easily grab the branch from the tree above and swing over it. Grinning, i bounced on my toes and got ready. Jumping, i got ready to follow my plan. Something went wrong, though. I grabbed the branch. I swung. I looked back at my small village. My mum was lying on the ground, covered in a pool of blood. A guard stood near her, a gun in his hand. He was staring right at me, a small smile on his scarred face.

I missed my opening. With a strangled scream, i dropped right into the electricity charging through the fence.

Okay, now i might seem a bit creepy. Let’s be stupid again!





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