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A Tourist in this whole new world

I looked at the clouds below me, racing in the sky. The wind screamed in my ears and whipped my hair back from my face. It was wet with joyful tears. Prince Ali, laughed next to me and i looked at him with wide eyes. I knew he was the boy from the market but for now, i was going to play along.

Rolling sand dunes lay majestically below me, a lone camel wandering in the sand. It walked like it owned the place, swaying from side to side. The camel was so at home in these golden sand waves.

That’s when i realised how new i was here. I was a tourist in this whole new world. I probably always will be. But no matter what, i was going to enjoy the moments i had in this life. And no-one could take that away from me.

This story is Princess Jasmine’s point of view in the movie Aladdin when they were soaring above the world. Come on you know the bit

😉 😉 😉

This story was also inspired by this quote




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