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The Problem with Buffets

Hello Black hole,

I recently went to a buffet restaurant and as i was eating there, i was just thinking about how tense a buffet is. I thought i’d post some of the aggravating things about it. 😀

  1. When you’re getting your food, it’s so stressful because everyone behind you is muttering about how slow you are.  And vice versa: someone in front of you is taking forever to get some chips and you’re just like.                                     
  2. When you get your food, you have to eat really fast so you can have a second serving before anyone else. If you don’t eat fast, all of the food will be gone and you’ll just be left like:                                                                                                   I mean you don’t even have to want the food.
  3. It’s so busy and some people are just pushing past you and don’t even say sorry to which i say
  4. When someone is in front of you in the ice cream stand and just can’t choose what they’ll like and everyone behind them is just like

Anyways you get the point. Despite all of that though, i love buffets i mean


far, forgotten side of my brain: Uh, lots of people idiot

Everything else: I rest my case





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