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Forgive and Forget

Have you heard of the saying ‘Forgive and Forget’. Yeah, I’ve heard of it too. That saying is so aggravating and annoys me so much. If something is important enough that you need to ‘Forgive and Forget’ than it should be important enough that it stays in your memory taunting you, reminding you of the past. How can you just forget that?

The other part though, the forgiving part, that’s easy. You can forgive and move on. Even when you remember the mistake, you can forgive. You might never forget but you can still forgive. Actually, you should never forget. If you remember what happened, than the next time it happens, you will hold on to the last memory and remember that you can still forgive.

Saying ‘Forgive and Forget’ is like saying, burn your memory. Even though you might burn most of it, the ashes will remain. That’s worse than remembering the whole story. The ashes remind you of the hard times rather than the easy, the ashes are the erroneous bits not the unharmed memory. You can’t burn your story away.

I always try to remember what happened. That doesn’t mean I carry it around like guilt or anger. No, I carry it around as a lesson  that I’ve learned from. A lesson that will shape my future. Without it, I will be destroyed.



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