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In the Dark


I walked down the street, my old black converse scuffling the wet path. The evening was dark and gloomy with clouds above that warned a storm. The breeze in the air rushed through my already frozen body, chilling me to the bones even more. It was my favourite kind of weather. Storms meant darkness and darkness meant unknown creatures. Undiscovered stories to be found.

I walked down a remote alley that led to a graveyard. Most people preferred to go down the main street that shone with too bright lights ruining the atmosphere night brings. The main street was a quicker way to get to my house but I liked the dusk of the old rickety, narrow path. It was a safe haven for me while it was a nightmare for others. There was also one other reason I went down dark, remote places. The darkness meant ghosts and faeries, vampires and werewolves. Creatures of the old.

While others looked away from the shadowy woods, I willingly stepped in observing my surroundings for anything superhuman. Others run away from unnatural beings, I search for them. Looking for something different, something supernatural. Beings that could change my old, bleary life to something new and exciting. Something otherworldly.

They hide here in the darkness. And I will find them.



















































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