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Life is Glass-Glass is Life

Have you ever realised how much life is like glass? Sometimes it’s frosted and other times it’s transparent. Sometimes it’s blurry and smudged, other times it’s shining and clear. Sometimes it’s a window of opportunity while other times we pull down the blinds.

And sometimes it’s shattered and you have to fix it back together.

No matter what, life is yours to control. When it’s frosted you have to spray. When it’s blurry and smudged you have to clean it. When you pull down the blinds, you have to open them again. Not anyone else, you. And you better realise that sooner because if your glass is transparent; shining and clear; a window of opportunity, you have to do everything to keep it that way because it’s ten times harder to put yourself back together than it is to fall apart.

Remember that, you’ll need it.

(And to the hunger games fandom: Yes, I used a Finnick Odair quote in one of my posts FINALLY! )




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