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Look up and Beyond

Look up: What do you see?

If you’re not already outside, go outside.

Now, look up.

No, stop looking at the sky, or the birds, or whatever else there is.

Look beyond that.

What do you see?

I see life beyond my greatest expectations.

Slowly turn around.

Try doing this at night.

Do you see those stars, spinning above you in an endless universe?

Think about how big they are, how beautiful and otherworldly.

I don’t usually appreciate the beauty the sky brings, but in these moments, it’s hard to ignore.

Make a vow to always appreciate what’s around you. No matter how terrible your life might be, remember there are always the stars, the sky, the endless magic of the world. It’s going to be there no matter what happens. Just remember that and trust me, you will see your life as something different.

If you haven’t already tried this, you’re missing out on the magic surrounding you.

Now stop reading this and go look at the world around you. You’ll love it.



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