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Unpredictable Book Endings

Don’t you love unpredictable endings in books?


I never expected Mare to become a slave to Maven in Glass Sword and don’t even let me get started on Cal…

Hunger Games

I never expected for Peeta to go all crazy and

I also didn’t expect Prim to die, to Katniss be on fire…well…i kind of expected that

i mean


Heroes of Olympus

Well, where do i start?

I didn’t expect Percy and Annabeth to fall in tartarus, Reyna to come back from sea of monsters, CALYPSO AND LEO, Hazel to be the walking dead, Frank’s lifeline to be a stick, oh and how can i forget

LEO DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and obviously coming back alive but STILL!

This post is probably going to go on forever if i don’t go right now so BYE! I hope i ruined some book endings for you guys 😛



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