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Leave and Find

I left behind my young heart,

And loved my new one,

I left behind towns,

And all my friends there,

I left behind the world,

Just to retrieve it back again,

I left behind myself,

And found another me.


But that’s the thing my friend,

I don’t regret my decisions,

Because as the old saying goes,

Everything happens for a reason,

And no matter how sad I might be at the start,

I wake up and relish my new heart,

I wake up and realise,

I don’t want to restart.


No matter how much I left behind,

There’s always something new,

So stop hitting rewind,

And breakthrough,

I would love to talk some more,

Experiences to share,

But you see, I can’t, my reader,

I have love to declare.





9 thoughts on “Leave and Find

      1. I think that would be amazing, we wouldn’t be holding on to things that made us happy/sad etc. Instead we would move on and search for new things that gave us back those emotions, and even improve ourselves along the way.

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      2. EXACTLY!
        We have to move on and don’t regret our decisions. That’s what makes us, us. If you ever want to improve, you have to look beyond what you’ve already got. Even if those things might be amazing, sometimes we just need to let go and know that there is more.

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