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So I’m watching a movie and the guy just said: “I don’t get why people buy each other flowers?”

And I was like, yeah why do people do that? Are they trying to say that: My love for you is like flowers, beautiful and dead in two hours.

Oh my god, that rhymed!

Anyways, this post is pretty pointless but still, I really want to know. The thing is though, even though I just said that, I would love for someone to give me flowers,. Does that make me a hypocrite or is it because of society. I’ve been raised in a world where somethings are romantic and I will think them romantic because I’ve been influenced.

Oh and that reminds me, I’ve read books where sometimes the character misses something they never experienced. It always confused me because, when you never had something , how could you miss it? Now I just figured it out. They never missed anything, they wanted it. Like for example, someone only ate something like lentil soup for their whole life. They heard that chicken tastes amazing. So, they want chicken, not miss it. Life explained.

And yes I know, this post is a train wreck.

-Goodbye before I say say something worse.



“What’s the matter?” He asked

“I-It’s-complicated,” she replied.


“Can I help you?”



“Come on, why won’t you tell me?”

She didn’t even have to think of her answer. “It’s complicated.”


“You’re seeing hallucinations and you think you might be going insane,” He had researched. “What have you been seeing that’s making you so scared?”

She looked away. “It’s complicated.”


“You’re seeing your own death, aren’t you?” He said. “I know now, please talk to me.”

Her temper whirled out of her like a hurricane.

“Oh you think you know everything about me? Well guess what? You don’t! You dont know how it feels to think you’re going insane. I might be mental already! You don’t know what it feels like to not trust your own eyes! So, stop acting like you know anything about me! Why do you care so much anyway?”

How could he explain the Avalanche of emotions inside him?

“It’s complicated.”






“It’s Complicated.”

My Kind Of Jokes

I’m one of those people that hurt people even though they didn’t mean to. No, I don’t mean as in punching and stuff. Trust me, if I could hit someone properly, I would. But I can’t…because I’m weak… 😦

Anyways, what I meant by hurting was: I sometimes… okay mostly…about all of the time say things that are probably a joke but to someone else might sound slightly mean. Or, you know, a lot mean. What makes things even worse is though, that when I am trying to be mean to someone, I come out sounding like an idiot or a 2 year old who’s just learning to speak. (I was not trying to be offensive to 2 years olds-they are not idiots) (So any 2 year old person here, I apologise, and um… why are you on the internet? i thought you were learning to speak)

So what I really wanted to say is, I’m sorry to the people I might have said mean things to without meaning to.

Also, the thing is though, I’m really sarcastic, so most times, I don’t even know if I’m joking or not. And I’m sometimes mostly this kind of person too.

I want this mug so bad.

So, after all that, you can have your own opinion of me. If I’m actually mean, misunderstood or just sarcastic. Personally, I think I’m all of them. 😉

As the prompt was supposed to be “joke“, I will tell you all a joke. And no, you have to listen to the joke  jokes.

Dan... me...:

this is the best quote EVER:

Rebel circus quotes #funny #sarcastic                                                                                                                                                      More:

Sorry I'm not sorry.:

Not sure if these are classified jokes but i really don’t care.

i need to go 😦


Take a little Risk sometimes

“Close your windows,

Lock your gates,

Just in case something happens.”


It’s the safest,

town in the world,

“Oh no! But have you heard the rumours?”


“Protect your heart,

From misery,”

That might never come.


What’s happened to us,

Why don’t we try?

Why can’t we take a risk sometimes?


Don’t take it the wrong way,

I don’t want to free fall,

Just to open our hearts.


So take a risk,

Open your heart,

And see what really happens.




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Winter and Summer

I miss the clouds on a winter’s night,

I miss the sun that casts no light,

I miss the icy wind from afar,

I miss the sky and the gleaming star.


But now it’s summer, and now it’s bright,

I do not want to block this sight,

The summer’s love is upon this Earth,

Come on, stand up, look proud, show your worth.


-I’m a poet and I don’t even know it