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Back to school

I lay on my side, groaning whenever my mum came into my room to check up on me. The bed below me was comfortable and warm. No one was going to be able to get me out of it anytime soon.

“Sweetheart, I have to go to work now,” my mum’s voice rang out. There was a pause. “I have made pizza, if you’re up to it.”

With that, I heard the front door softly shut and fading footsteps as my mum left the house. I waited several more minutes before getting out of bed. It wasn’t that hard. My duvet was soft and warm, enveloping me in its soft comfort. It was also the first day of school after the holidays and I was in no mood to go to school and listen to the same teachers drone on and on about how important out GCSEs were. It was always the same:

“Your GCSEs are the most important thing in your life yet. If you fail the exams, your whole career will be ruined. You’ll never get employed and therefore have no money which leads to a lot of trouble. Don’t worry though.”

I padded softly down the stairs, my ‘fever’ completely gone. I wonder how that happened?  

My mum was sometimes so easy to fool that I wondered how I had turned out to be so different.

My stomach was rumbling and I couldn’t wait to eat that pizza. I liked it to be with double cheese, mushrooms and chicken. It was literally the best thing ever.

There was a note stuck to the fridge as I entered the kitchen.

I know you’re faking so get to school now. Mrs Newman is going to be checking on you at 08:10 so don’t think you can get out of your first day of school. BTW, your dad ate the pizza. We had a bet on if you would try to get out of your first day of school. He won. 

Love, mom. 

Next to that there was another note in my dad’s scrawly handwriting.

I WON I WON I WON I WON HA who’s smart now huh,Rachel?😈😈😈

Still me Nick

I groaned. There was no way I was getting out of this. Mrs Newman was a very strict woman at best and a devil at normal. She would never believe I was sick, even if I was dying on the floor with blood pooled around me.

Noticing the time on the clock, I hastily climbed the stairs two at a time and plunged into my bedroom cupboard. It was 08:08. With no time to waste, I pulled on the first cleanest clothes I saw. The outfit was what I usually wore and I had no time to debate if I  looked good or not. As if I even cared right now.

It took me exactly one minute to eat breakfast, a granola bar, and I was closing the door behind me just as Mrs Newman was walking up the driveway, right on time.

Her black hair was tied up in a ponytail, away from her brown eyes that were assessing me. She was in her early thirties, maybe. Mrs Newman looked me up and down and then turned around and walked away without another word. Well, at least one thing’s okay.

My bus stop was far way and by the time I would have reached it, the bus would have gone.

So after a very uncomfortable walk/jog/run (it was so not a sprint), I arrived at school, slightly sweating. I had gotten unfit over the summer. I mean who actually runs when they can lie on the beach.

I looked up. I had arrived at the underworld’s big black doors. Moorton Academy. Great. Another year of pretending to like people that I wanted to slap, and listening to everyone drone on and on about their life. I was going to love this year!!! 😦



2 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Nice mini story. Your writing SOUNDS. It’s like music, it just sounds like what a story should sound like. I’ve still got half of my summer holidays left and still planning on a cunning way to miss the first days. But parents all realise you pranks, sigh!

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