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My Kind Of Jokes

I’m one of those people that hurt people even though they didn’t mean to. No, I don’t mean as in punching and stuff. Trust me, if I could hit someone properly, I would. But I can’t…because I’m weak… 😦

Anyways, what I meant by hurting was: I sometimes… okay mostly…about all of the time say things that are probably a joke but to someone else might sound slightly mean. Or, you know, a lot mean. What makes things even worse is though, that when I am trying to be mean to someone, I come out sounding like an idiot or a 2 year old who’s just learning to speak. (I was not trying to be offensive to 2 years olds-they are not idiots) (So any 2 year old person here, I apologise, and um… why are you on the internet? i thought you were learning to speak)

So what I really wanted to say is, I’m sorry to the people I might have said mean things to without meaning to.

Also, the thing is though, I’m really sarcastic, so most times, I don’t even know if I’m joking or not. And I’m sometimes mostly this kind of person too.

I want this mug so bad.

So, after all that, you can have your own opinion of me. If I’m actually mean, misunderstood or just sarcastic. Personally, I think I’m all of them. 😉

As the prompt was supposed to be “joke“, I will tell you all a joke. And no, you have to listen to the joke  jokes.

Dan... me...:

this is the best quote EVER:

Rebel circus quotes #funny #sarcastic                                                                                                                                                      More:

Sorry I'm not sorry.:

Not sure if these are classified jokes but i really don’t care.

i need to go 😦



5 thoughts on “My Kind Of Jokes

  1. “So funny I forgot to laugh! I didn’t mean for that to come across as rude, it was just a joke! Please don’t take it personally!”

    I can totally relate to you. My sarcastic remarks sometimes make people get really sad and then I feel bad. I NEED that MUG! Great post…

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