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“It’s Complicated.”

“What’s the matter?” He asked

“I-It’s-complicated,” she replied.


“Can I help you?”



“Come on, why won’t you tell me?”

She didn’t even have to think of her answer. “It’s complicated.”


“You’re seeing hallucinations and you think you might be going insane,” He had researched. “What have you been seeing that’s making you so scared?”

She looked away. “It’s complicated.”


“You’re seeing your own death, aren’t you?” He said. “I know now, please talk to me.”

Her temper whirled out of her like a hurricane.

“Oh you think you know everything about me? Well guess what? You don’t! You dont know how it feels to think you’re going insane. I might be mental already! You don’t know what it feels like to not trust your own eyes! So, stop acting like you know anything about me! Why do you care so much anyway?”

How could he explain the Avalanche of emotions inside him?

“It’s complicated.”







4 thoughts on ““It’s Complicated.”

  1. This was one of the best responses to the daily prompt I’ve seen! It seems if we can’t explain things, we just say it’s ‘complicated’, well, in reality, we don’t want to let people in.You’re such a talented writer, keep on writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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