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To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you.

Me heart trembles,

It’s full of rage,

It wants to torture,

The ones who are torturing.


But my brain is calm,

It’s almost like a dream,

It whispers that I’m wrong,

It whispers for me to wait.


I’m listening to my brain,

I’m sending out a message,

I won’t be like them,

The ones I hate.


And even though my heart wants fire,

To burn them to the ground,

My brain knows,

Water’s wiser.




To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you. Don’t be scared. I Hate what’s happening and I want to hurt every last evil thing out there- to make them suffer for their crimes. But wouldn’t that make me the evil thing?


3 thoughts on “To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you.

  1. Hey!

    This is a great post! And the poem is a fine way to express how you feel towards solidarity with the Muslim population, especially with the quatrains and how each stanza is closed seems to represent your completed thought, that hatred is, in the end, an undesirable way to go.

    I feel your hatred on a more visceral level though. I hated my own dad because he cast me off the family when I came out of the closet, and I didn’t speak to him for two years because I was full of anger, seething for revenge, trying to think of ways to hurt him. Eventually, this hating makes me realize that 1) I wasn’t any better if I kept thinking as so, and 2) I was surprised that I was capable of hating someone this much for so long. Soooo my personal two cents is, I feel and validate every step of your hate, and I would simultaneously advice to express your anger in a healthy way.

    Yoohoo! Have a great Sunday! And I hope to see you again on my blog soon XD

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