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War and Peace

I was just searching through my documents and found this. I had totally forgotten written this (ages ago) and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Here it is:


Last night I was thinking about Freedom Fighters and how they have changed lots of people’s lives. So today, I started properly thinking for the first time about war and how it’s affected our lifestyle. So today’s question is:
Why do we have war? 
Now, by that I don’t mean “why do we have war?”, no I mean “why do we have war?”. I know some of you are probably thinking that this person is mental but I just can’t explain what I really mean. I’m still going to try though.
So, if some of you still don’t get what my question really is, I’ll tell you. What I mean is why we have war when we know there’s probably a 50% chance we’re going to lose and have our country raided. That’s not all though, why do we have war when we know there are children, elderly, and adults, babies in our country who are going to get murdered every day and not be able to live the life they deserved and dreamed of. Why do we go to war when we could make peace?
A raise of hands please, who hates war and have asked the same question every time they think about it? *My hand is raised*
I wish there was a law that dictated no war. I know, I know. We go to war because we’ve run out of supplies and think raiding other countries is okay, or that we’re thinking about “the future of our country”. Why don’t the people who decide this understand that there will be no future for the country if they have to go to war? 
Sure, if we win the war, we’ll all be okay and we will rebuild the destroyed parts of the country. But have we ever stopped for a while and actually thought about what the opposing country would be feeling. I know I haven’t and I feel heartless, not even thinking about the people of that country and how they would be suffering. 
My last question is:
Why don’t we make peace? 
Seriously, why don’t we? If we did wouldn’t it improve our lifestyle, change our selfish habits? Why don’t we make peace, so every country can be ruled by itself and not have to follow the rules of other countries because they haven’t got a good enough army? Those are the countries that have suffered the worse; they have just been a pawn in someone else’s game. 
I wish that all of you have read this have thought about how badly war can affect us, and by us I mean the whole world not just one country.


There is some stuff in here that I disagree with now and I really like that I wrote this because now I can go back and see how I’m growing up and how I’m changing. Still, I do agree with most of the part, like, war shouldn’t be happening (which was the main point). Now, I can go back when I’m older and read what I’ve written on here and reflect. I want this to be a thing. Find anything, I mean anything, read it and realise how you’ve changed. This has to be a really old thing though otherwise you have an excuse for not changing.





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