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How to make realistic characters

As I’ve read a lot of literature over the years, I’ve slowly picked up different traits that have affected my own writing. I realise that I might not be the best person to do this but I still wanted to share one thing which makes your writing become more real: Realistic characters.

  • Imperfect is Perfect

The best thing to get a realistic character is to make them imperfect. No-one is perfect in real life so we don’t want to see this character on paper who seems so unrealistic. They can be imperfect in a way that they try and show everyone they’re perfect but then they find someone who knows they’re not perfect but still loves them nonetheless. Or they can be imperfect in a way that shows along with their other different qualities.

  • Be Different

Make your own characters, don’t follow what every other author has made their characters like. Make those characters different from each other, their relationships to their parents and teachers, different from each other. In the end everyone in this world is different so if you want your characters to stand out from the page, you have to let them be their own self.

  • Develop

It’s no use all the characters being different if they won’t affect each other. In life, your friends, your parents and everyone you know, affects who you turn out to be. This is how your characters develop and change. Let something bad happen to a positive person and something amazing happen to a negative person. Let them change, even if it’s a slight change.

  • Diversity

This kind of links to them being different from each other, but this time instead of in personality, let them look different too. I know sometimes this isn’t completely possible depending on where they live but still try to give everyone different features. If they live in a more open and advanced society, give them different skin tones, let them come from different cultures, different heights, different weights, different hair colours and types of hair(mousy, wavy, curly etc.). What I’m trying to say for this one is, let people be different because in the end, people who are going to read this story are different.

  • Pairing

This one is a hard one yet kind of an easy one for me to do. You see, this one is just what I would like a couple to have from reading so many books, so if you don’t think it would fit your characters, that’s completely fine.

When making a couple, let them be opposite and let them find flaws in each others armour otherwise it feels like for the reader that their relationship is based on something fake. Let them take a while to  trust each other and love each other because in real life, it doesn’t happen in a day. A good example of this would be: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. They were just friends and it took them a whole series, which would be about four years, to start dating.

Comment below if you’ve got any more ideas on how to make your characters more realistic and if this was helpful or not.


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Halloween Nights-6 years later

“What are you wearing?!”

“I thought we were going trick and treating!” Crystal, the new girl at the school, twirled in her hand-made dress. She had dressed up as a doll, one of those scary ones. She had felt that she pulled off the costume well; pink dress, rosy cheeks and a terrifyingly straight face. Looking at Alice’s face however, Crystal’s own dropped.

“C-can we not go-please?” Crystal startled. This was the first time Alice had ever said please or looked at her the way she was looking at her now; with a face overflowing with pain.

“Don’t look at me like that,” she said, trying not to think about why Alice didn’t want to go. She had realised a long time ago that some secrets were better left that way. “Come on, aren’t you going to invite me in. We can watch a movie instead.” The relief on Alice’s brightened Crystal’s mood somewhat but the curiosity lingered.

After stuffing their faces with left over candy and deciding not to watch a horror movie because they had both realised at the beginning how scared they were; none of them wanted to get off the sofa and click play, they watched rom-coms, which Alice hated, and youtubers, which bored Crystal to death.

The doorbell suddenly rang and both of them jumped out of their skins before realising that it was probably a trick or treater.

“I’ll get it.” Crystal jumped off the sofa and walked towards the door with the near-empty candy bowl in her hand. Alice slowly followed behind.

The doorbell rang three more times quickly and Crystal raised her eyebrows at Alice. The person must be really hungry.

Crystal opened the door and stared at the boy on the other side before letting out a low whistle.

“You really know how to dress up don’t you?” He was wearing a spider man costume which was almost ripped to shreds. The blood on his face and hands almost looked real and Crystal wished that she had looked that scary.

Behind her Alice stiffened before choking out the word “Peter?”.


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Halloween Nights

In the eerie dark,

Her screams can be heard,

Strangled chokes,

A bloodcurdling noise.

Never ending torture awaits,

For those who don’t listen to what all can hear,

For those who don’t see what’s right in front of their eyes,

And for those who ignore everything around them,

Never ending torture awaits.

Peter snorted.

“Mum, not this again, I’m too old for fairy tales.”

Helga smiled at her little boy.

“Next time I’ll tell you a really scary one okay?”

The doorbell rang and Peter ran out in his spider man costume. His friends were here and everyone couldn’t wait to go trick or treating without there parents as company. They were ten years old but were trying to act like they were all grown-up.

As soon as they had gone, Helga finished stacking up the dishwasher. Outside, she was surprised to see a full moon. She’d always loved the moon, and the story of the man in the moon. It made her feel safe even though she knew she was as far from safety as she could be.

She sighed. Hopefully Peter would be safe.

“Long time no see.”

Helga jumped and turned towards the whisper but there was no one there. She had heard that voice before. She closed her eyes and turned towards the moon. With all of what was left of her heart, she prayed that no harm would come to Peter tonight.

Oh how wrong she was.


What do you think? Should I carry on or what? Comment below and 

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‘Cause I feel like it…

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Introducing my new blog

As from the title, you probably would have guessed that I have another blog. I just created it and it’s called YAY!

It’s just about little thoughts I have that I thought I could put somewhere where they won’t crowd this blog. You can check it out and if you have a thought you want to share, you can. I’ll make it a blog post and obviously give you the credit but it has to be original and only your own.

Anyway, with that shameless self-promotion done, I hope you all are having a lovely day or night and I would soon be posting a Halloween story which I actually wrote on Halloween but couldn’t get myself to finish. 😉

See you later!

Oh god. That last line was so preppy. Let me do that again.

See you later.

Ah. So much better.