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Halloween Nights

In the eerie dark,

Her screams can be heard,

Strangled chokes,

A bloodcurdling noise.

Never ending torture awaits,

For those who don’t listen to what all can hear,

For those who don’t see what’s right in front of their eyes,

And for those who ignore everything around them,

Never ending torture awaits.

Peter snorted.

“Mum, not this again, I’m too old for fairy tales.”

Helga smiled at her little boy.

“Next time I’ll tell you a really scary one okay?”

The doorbell rang and Peter ran out in his spider man costume. His friends were here and everyone couldn’t wait to go trick or treating without there parents as company. They were ten years old but were trying to act like they were all grown-up.

As soon as they had gone, Helga finished stacking up the dishwasher. Outside, she was surprised to see a full moon. She’d always loved the moon, and the story of the man in the moon. It made her feel safe even though she knew she was as far from safety as she could be.

She sighed. Hopefully Peter would be safe.

“Long time no see.”

Helga jumped and turned towards the whisper but there was no one there. She had heard that voice before. She closed her eyes and turned towards the moon. With all of what was left of her heart, she prayed that no harm would come to Peter tonight.

Oh how wrong she was.


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