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One Lovely Blog Award!

Hello people of the world. (What the hell was that?!)

Anyways, I’ve been nominated by FabWritings for this award! Thank you, it means a lot to me. I really wish I knew your name or something right now, so I could thank you properly. You know what? As you said you were a boy, I’m just going to call you Bob. (The first name that came in my mind) Anyone who hasn’t checked out his blog already, go check it out now. It’s super cool! XD

So let’s start! Here are the rules:

Seven facts about myself? Suddenly, I’ve forgotten everything I know about me 😀

Okay, I’m just going to list seven facts about myself.

  1. I am a person (surprise, surprise)

Let’s start again:

  1. I am obsessed with reading books and their characters!
  2. I am a realist. So, if you’re looking for optimistic advice, please don’t come to me.
  3. I love to act. That doesn’t mean standing on a stage, even though I do love to do that. It can mean, if I’m just alone, I can just start thinking of stories in my head and start to act out as a character.
  4. I found this one out when I started doing No.3 and No.1. I LOVE to write stories! I one day want to create a world (a book) and a character that makes the reader feel something. Whether it’s sadness, joy, anger, disgust or fear. I just realised that I named all the emotions from inside out. Which leads me top my next fact:
  5. I love Disney movies. No matter how old I might get, I’ll still love them because they always make me smile and realise the hidden meaning behind.
  6. My brother is right now asking me to teach him, so I better start to write these facts fast.
  7. Oh this is my last one. Okay…um. I love it when people write a comment on my posts to say they enjoyed reading it. It makes me smile every time and I think it always will.

I don’t want to nominate any specific people because it means everyone else who wants to do it never gets the chance. It’s also quite limited. So, if anyone wants to do this, please tell me in the comments below and you will be automatically nominated. Or, if you’re reading this you’re nominated.

-Geek out