“What’s the matter?” He asked

“I-It’s-complicated,” she replied.


“Can I help you?”



“Come on, why won’t you tell me?”

She didn’t even have to think of her answer. “It’s complicated.”


“You’re seeing hallucinations and you think you might be going insane,” He had researched. “What have you been seeing that’s making you so scared?”

She looked away. “It’s complicated.”


“You’re seeing your own death, aren’t you?” He said. “I know now, please talk to me.”

Her temper whirled out of her like a hurricane.

“Oh you think you know everything about me? Well guess what? You don’t! You dont know how it feels to think you’re going insane. I might be mental already! You don’t know what it feels like to not trust your own eyes! So, stop acting like you know anything about me! Why do you care so much anyway?”

How could he explain the Avalanche of emotions inside him?

“It’s complicated.”







“It’s Complicated.”

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I’m a dramatic person. There’s no other way to say it.

I like to make things seem more exciting then they actually are. It’s called exaggerating, apparently. It makes everything more worthwhile, beautiful. Obviously, if a word can make something beautiful, it can also make it ugly. You can be dramatic just to be mean or to make something completely wrong seem right.

For example:


“Yeah I don’t get what the big deal is, why are you being so dramatic?”


You get my point?

Anyways, back to me being dramatic. I guess that’s why I write stories, everything can be an exaggerated extract from your own life and no one would notice because that’s the whole point of a story. To make something normal and regular into something otherworldly that lasts forever. Be it in people’s hearts or minds.

-DeepStuff ūüėá

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Little Story

I¬†fell to the ground with a grunt. Get Up, my¬†mother’s voice rung in my¬†head. Get to the sanctuary, that’s your only hope.¬†

I wished I could see my mother once more but now was not the time for regrets. Another blast shook the air around me and dust blocked my vision as another grenade hit the sand.


Without thinking, I¬†got up and ran. I¬†ran like I¬†had never ran before, ignoring everything except the sharpness of the wind and the sand that was settling all around me. That’s probably why I didn’t notice the blade that was coming right at me. No, not a blade, a bird. ¬†A vulture.

Before I could react, the vulture pressed right into my shoulder. I screamed. The pain was too much. I fell to the floor while the vulture clawed at me.

Except the pain was different somehow. It still hurt, don’t get me wrong. Like a thousand knives digging in slowly and forcefully. But I¬†couldn’t feel the weight of the vulture or it’s sharp claws anymore.

Get up. Get up. My¬†mother’s voice still rung in my¬†head. It was the end of me, I¬†decided. I didn’t deserve to live when so many others hadn’t. I let go and-

“I said get up, I’m helping you out here, no-one else would,” I shut my¬†eyes even more tightly. I¬†was obviously dying, my mother’s voice sounded like a man’s. There was no-one here except my¬†body, bleeding and-

I felt the ground disappear under me. I opened my eyes. I was being carried, and not nicely. A person held me by a tough grip on my ankle, making me only get a view of their back. They were also running, long strides that I could never accomplish with my short height.

They’re taking me away. This person’s going to kill me.

I screamed and started pounding on their¬†back. When that didn’t work, I tried scratching and kicking.

Suddenly, my stomach flipped and the ground came rushing towards me faster than I was comfortable with. I was on the edge of a forest and with all that was going on, I had forgotten about the small battle. As I looked around, I realised that the helicopters dropping the grenades had disappeared, leaving no trail behind. They must have gone a long time ago if there was not any smoke left in the sky. I wondered how long I had actually been lying there on the ground.

“You could have at least tried to be light.” I looked up and saw a man standing a few metres away from me. I recognised his voice, he was the one carrying me. He was¬†rubbing his shoulders and his back where I had scratched him. I was sad to see there was no blood.¬†He was the enemy. No way was I going to let him capture me.

I stood up indignantly.

“Well I’m sorry, but I’m bleeding here if you didn’t notice!”

He raised his eyebrows at my shoulder and snorted.

“There is nothing funny about this,” I glared at him as I gained up energy to run.

“Trust me, your shoulder is hardly even bleeding,” he gave me a¬†nonchalant shrug. ” It’s just a scratch.”

I looked down at my shoulder and grudgingly realised he was right. I could only see a small cut from where the vulture had ripped my shirt. The Vulture.

I assessed the man. He was obviously one of the people who lived in the woods. The savages.¬†Mr Brown, my tutor, had called them. I guess that meant he wasn’t the enemy. No matter how much some people hated them, we weren’t in war with them. I was a little sad. It meant that I had no initial reason to hate him.

The man had shoulder length black hair that he hadn’t bothered to tie up and brown eyes that informed¬†knowledge. He was tall with a slight muscular built. I suspected he had killed the vulture. I mean, it’s not like the knife covered with blood or the vulture leg that was hanging out of his bag gave anything away.

“What?” he said. “Never seen a man before?” He had a commoner accent that i didn’t often hear. It was very insulting.

I sniffed and put my nose in the air before I realised I looked exactly like my older sister. “No, I’ve never seen a murderer before.” I said indicating to the bird leg.

He snorted again and shook his head. “I would hardly call it murdering,” he looked at me and then at the forest behind as if he wanted to get away as soon as possible. “Bye then.”

The man moved away before I realised what was truly happening.

“Wait!” I said. Closing my eyes, I got ready for humiliation. “Could you…ummm…please take me with you?” I said the last bit in a rush so it would sound less stupid. In case you’re wondering, it didn’t.

“Oh, so you’re being nice now huh?” he looked at me with an amused smile. I did not see the joke in this situation.

I lost the little self-control I had. I wanted to scream and shout at him but as Mr Brown always told me: “Control your temper. When a person raises their voice, it means that they don’t have anything left intelligent to say.” Then my nurse, Tina, would come through and sniff that “It also isn’t very ladylike.” These lessons always ended in my nurse turning her back on Mr Brown or he himself charging out the door. I’ll put this simply for you, these were my favourite lessons.

When I didn’t reply, the man looked at me, perplexed.

“Where you heading?” he asked. If he wanted to kill me, he already would have, judging from the knife and vulture. And his size. He was massive compared to me. I figured there was no harm in telling him as I didn’t really have anything left.

“To a sanctuary, it’s near the-,” I was interrupted when he said:

“Yeah, yeah, I figured that’d be it,” Even though he was probably talking to himself, it took me a few moments to form a response. I could not believe he had interrupted me. How rude. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, he was a savage. He beat me to my response.

“Come on then,” he beckoned turning away. “You wouldn’t survive a night alone in these woods, who the hell thought this would have been a good idea?”

When I didn’t respond, he turned around.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“Ethel?” another one of his famous snorts followed. “What a-.” At the look on my face, he finished his sentence half-way through.

“What is your name?” I asked reluctantly. I hoped it would be something ridiculous that I would make fun of in my head, if not loudly.

“That don’t matter,” he said.

“Then I will just assume what your name is,” I said as I followed him down the dirty path. “How about¬†Leicester or Friendless.” I had heard that someone had called their children these names. It was still beyond hilarious.

“Fine then, dinky,” How rude.¬†

Friendless it is.

To be continued

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I stared at my brother as he crumpled to the ground, blood pooling out around him. I couldn’t move. They had tied me up, making sure I was unable to move or speak. Even if they hadn’t done it, I don’t think I could have stopped my brother from getting whipped. I wasn’t strong enough.

They had punished me in a variety of ways. They knew I had given up, just like how I used to know when a prisoner had nothing left in them. They had tortured me beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I felt no pain anymore, only a dull throbbing. My body was broken and so was my heart. I had given up. And they knew that.

I guess that’s why they involved my family. This was my punishment. Any little piece of my heart that was left, was breaking even more. I didn’t think that was possible. At least when they used to hurt me, I knew everyone else was safe. I had done a good deed trying to save them, even though I’d gone against everything my group believed in. I had betrayed them so I guess it was fair that they betrayed me. Torturing me wasn’t enough. They knew the real reason I’d turned my back to them. So they were going to kill that reason.

You see, when they hurt me, I always remembered that something good had been done in the world. But now that were hurting the people I’d given up everything for, well, I guess everything I stand for falls doesn’t it. A ruin everyone forgets about.

I closed my eyes and let go. I let go of the small hope I had inside me. The small hope they had tried to extinguish but had never succeeded. Who would have thought? The leader of the biggest revolution gave up. The leader that gave her life for everyone else’s gave up. How hilarious.

-The leader of a revolution

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Leave and Find

I left behind my young heart,

And loved my new one,

I left behind towns,

And all my friends there,

I left behind the world,

Just to retrieve it back again,

I left behind myself,

And found another me.


But that’s the thing my friend,

I don’t regret my decisions,

Because as the old saying goes,

Everything happens for a reason,

And no matter how sad I might be at the start,

I wake up and relish my new heart,

I wake up and realise,

I don’t want to restart.


No matter how much I left behind,

There’s always something new,

So stop hitting rewind,

And breakthrough,

I would love to talk some more,

Experiences to share,

But you see, I can’t, my reader,

I have love to declare.




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I have a nightmare and I don’t want it to come true,

I have a nightmare and it involves you,

I have a nightmare that’ll destroy me one day,

I have a nightmare that won’t keep at bay.


One day I hope to outgrow my fears,

One day I hope to stop all those tears,

One day I hope to leave all this sadness,

One day I hope to drown in gladness.


I want to stand up and say out loud,

That I’m happy and that I’m proud,

I want to fight back for all that I’ve lost,

I want to shout and I want to boast.


I have a nightmare and I don’t want it to come true,

I have a nightmare and it won’t involve¬†you,

I have a nightmare that’ll destroy me one day,

I have a nightmare that¬†I’ll¬†keep at bay.






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Just Stop!

Don’t you hate it when people throw the word coward around? I do. It’s so annoying. Why do you think you know this person well enough to call them a coward? Even when we’re the closest one that person has got, it doesn’t mean you know everything about them. Or sometimes anything.

Someone wants to go in the small swimming pool rather than in the deep one.


No, they’re not. It just means they’re wise. They know themselves better than you. Maybe, if they go in the deep one, they might drown. They’re wise enough to accept that they’re not ready for a bigger challenge. if they can do that, you better start accepting that this person has their own life. And that you are not in charge.

Okay, on that note, i’m feeling bored so i’m just going to ruin this post.



no i’m not XD


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Life is Glass-Glass is Life

Have you ever realised how much life is like glass? Sometimes it’s frosted¬†and other times it’s transparent. Sometimes it’s blurry and smudged, other times it’s shining and clear. Sometimes it’s a window of¬†opportunity while other times we pull down the blinds.

And sometimes it’s shattered and you have to fix it back together.

No matter what, life is yours to control. When it’s frosted¬†you have to spray. When it’s blurry and smudged you have to clean it. When you pull down the blinds, you have to open them again. Not anyone else, you. And you better realise that sooner because if your glass is transparent; shining and clear; a window of opportunity, you have to do everything to keep it that way because it’s ten times harder to put yourself back together than it is to fall apart.

Remember that, you’ll need it.

(And to the hunger games fandom: Yes, I used a Finnick Odair quote in one of my posts FINALLY! )



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Look up and Beyond

Look up: What do you see?

If you’re not already outside, go outside.

Now, look up.

No, stop looking at the sky, or the birds, or whatever else there is.

Look beyond that.

What do you see?

I see life beyond my greatest expectations.

Slowly turn around.

Try doing this at night.

Do you see those stars, spinning above you in an endless universe?

Think about how big they are, how beautiful and otherworldly.

I don’t usually appreciate the beauty the sky brings, but in these moments, it’s hard to ignore.

Make a vow to always appreciate what’s around you. No matter how terrible your life might be, remember there are always the stars, the sky, the endless magic of the world. It’s going to be there no matter what happens. Just remember that and trust me, you will see your life as something different.

If you haven’t already tried this, you’re missing out on the magic surrounding you.

Now stop reading this and go look at the world around you. You’ll love it.