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How to make realistic characters

As I’ve read a lot of literature over the years, I’ve slowly picked up different traits that have affected my own writing. I realise that I might not be the best person to do this but I still wanted to share one thing which makes your writing become more real: Realistic characters.

  • Imperfect is Perfect

The best thing to get a realistic character is to make them imperfect. No-one is perfect in real life so we don’t want to see this character on paper who seems so unrealistic. They can be imperfect in a way that they try and show everyone they’re perfect but then they find someone who knows they’re not perfect but still loves them nonetheless. Or they can be imperfect in a way that shows along with their other different qualities.

  • Be Different

Make your own characters, don’t follow what every other author has made their characters like. Make those characters different from each other, their relationships to their parents and teachers, different from each other. In the end everyone in this world is different so if you want your characters to stand out from the page, you have to let them be their own self.

  • Develop

It’s no use all the characters being different if they won’t affect each other. In life, your friends, your parents and everyone you know, affects who you turn out to be. This is how your characters develop and change. Let something bad happen to a positive person and something amazing happen to a negative person. Let them change, even if it’s a slight change.

  • Diversity

This kind of links to them being different from each other, but this time instead of in personality, let them look different too. I know sometimes this isn’t completely possible depending on where they live but still try to give everyone different features. If they live in a more open and advanced society, give them different skin tones, let them come from different cultures, different heights, different weights, different hair colours and types of hair(mousy, wavy, curly etc.). What I’m trying to say for this one is, let people be different because in the end, people who are going to read this story are different.

  • Pairing

This one is a hard one yet kind of an easy one for me to do. You see, this one is just what I would like a couple to have from reading so many books, so if you don’t think it would fit your characters, that’s completely fine.

When making a couple, let them be opposite and let them find flaws in each others armour otherwise it feels like for the reader that their relationship is based on something fake. Let them take a while to  trust each other and love each other because in real life, it doesn’t happen in a day. A good example of this would be: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. They were just friends and it took them a whole series, which would be about four years, to start dating.

Comment below if you’ve got any more ideas on how to make your characters more realistic and if this was helpful or not.


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Introducing my new blog

As from the title, you probably would have guessed that I have another blog. I just created it and it’s called YAY!

It’s just about little thoughts I have that I thought I could put somewhere where they won’t crowd this blog. You can check it out and if you have a thought you want to share, you can. I’ll make it a blog post and obviously give you the credit but it has to be original and only your own.

Anyway, with that shameless self-promotion done, I hope you all are having a lovely day or night and I would soon be posting a Halloween story which I actually wrote on Halloween but couldn’t get myself to finish. 😉

See you later!

Oh god. That last line was so preppy. Let me do that again.

See you later.

Ah. So much better.

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I just got introduced to Hamilton. The play Hamilton. Not the founding father of the US. I totally know about him.

Image result for sheepish face

So, even though I haven’t seen it yet, my sister told me about it and made me listen to one of the songs. It’s not exaggerating to say I’m totally OBSESSED!!!

The song that I really love is called Satisfied and it’s amazing!

You can listen to it here but I don’t own this video or the song.



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War and Peace

I was just searching through my documents and found this. I had totally forgotten written this (ages ago) and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Here it is:


Last night I was thinking about Freedom Fighters and how they have changed lots of people’s lives. So today, I started properly thinking for the first time about war and how it’s affected our lifestyle. So today’s question is:
Why do we have war? 
Now, by that I don’t mean “why do we have war?”, no I mean “why do we have war?”. I know some of you are probably thinking that this person is mental but I just can’t explain what I really mean. I’m still going to try though.
So, if some of you still don’t get what my question really is, I’ll tell you. What I mean is why we have war when we know there’s probably a 50% chance we’re going to lose and have our country raided. That’s not all though, why do we have war when we know there are children, elderly, and adults, babies in our country who are going to get murdered every day and not be able to live the life they deserved and dreamed of. Why do we go to war when we could make peace?
A raise of hands please, who hates war and have asked the same question every time they think about it? *My hand is raised*
I wish there was a law that dictated no war. I know, I know. We go to war because we’ve run out of supplies and think raiding other countries is okay, or that we’re thinking about “the future of our country”. Why don’t the people who decide this understand that there will be no future for the country if they have to go to war? 
Sure, if we win the war, we’ll all be okay and we will rebuild the destroyed parts of the country. But have we ever stopped for a while and actually thought about what the opposing country would be feeling. I know I haven’t and I feel heartless, not even thinking about the people of that country and how they would be suffering. 
My last question is:
Why don’t we make peace? 
Seriously, why don’t we? If we did wouldn’t it improve our lifestyle, change our selfish habits? Why don’t we make peace, so every country can be ruled by itself and not have to follow the rules of other countries because they haven’t got a good enough army? Those are the countries that have suffered the worse; they have just been a pawn in someone else’s game. 
I wish that all of you have read this have thought about how badly war can affect us, and by us I mean the whole world not just one country.


There is some stuff in here that I disagree with now and I really like that I wrote this because now I can go back and see how I’m growing up and how I’m changing. Still, I do agree with most of the part, like, war shouldn’t be happening (which was the main point). Now, I can go back when I’m older and read what I’ve written on here and reflect. I want this to be a thing. Find anything, I mean anything, read it and realise how you’ve changed. This has to be a really old thing though otherwise you have an excuse for not changing.




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One of my biggest mistakes

One of my biggest mistakes is when I created a sandwich with grapes and meat in it. The thing was though, everyone was laughing at me so I was like, you know what: I’m going to eat this now. No matter what! It wasn’t actually that bad…kind of.


Pineapples and grapes with meat. YUM…

Dont judge me because I was like 8 or 9 when I made this.

Well, this is embarrassing… um…bye…

via Daily Prompt: Sandwich


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To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you.

Me heart trembles,

It’s full of rage,

It wants to torture,

The ones who are torturing.


But my brain is calm,

It’s almost like a dream,

It whispers that I’m wrong,

It whispers for me to wait.


I’m listening to my brain,

I’m sending out a message,

I won’t be like them,

The ones I hate.


And even though my heart wants fire,

To burn them to the ground,

My brain knows,

Water’s wiser.




To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you. Don’t be scared. I Hate what’s happening and I want to hurt every last evil thing out there- to make them suffer for their crimes. But wouldn’t that make me the evil thing?

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So I’m watching a movie and the guy just said: “I don’t get why people buy each other flowers?”

And I was like, yeah why do people do that? Are they trying to say that: My love for you is like flowers, beautiful and dead in two hours.

Oh my god, that rhymed!

Anyways, this post is pretty pointless but still, I really want to know. The thing is though, even though I just said that, I would love for someone to give me flowers,. Does that make me a hypocrite or is it because of society. I’ve been raised in a world where somethings are romantic and I will think them romantic because I’ve been influenced.

Oh and that reminds me, I’ve read books where sometimes the character misses something they never experienced. It always confused me because, when you never had something , how could you miss it? Now I just figured it out. They never missed anything, they wanted it. Like for example, someone only ate something like lentil soup for their whole life. They heard that chicken tastes amazing. So, they want chicken, not miss it. Life explained.

And yes I know, this post is a train wreck.

-Goodbye before I say say something worse.