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The Beach

I’ve been looking closely at a few poems by Vernon Scannell and let me tell you- I am Impressed!!!

That guy had a way with words I haven’t seen in a long time. Unfortunately, he died on November 16, 2007. The thing is though, I can’t wait till Nov 16 to post this poem I wrote inspired by Vernon Scannell himself.


The hushed whispers of the sleeping waves,

Toes buried into the warm sand,

So close to danger, to passing away,

The drug of excitement burning high.

Squeals and shouts from the edge of the world,

Masking the rumbling roar,

Running and playing, it’s all in the moment,

That’s when the thunder begins.

The army approaches, Its hands reaching out,

Grasping what’s left of us now.

The blue of the sea and the light from the sky,

It all turns suddenly black.

There’s no retreating, there’s no escaping,

Only the future that’s left.

Everything’s cold, as wet as blood,

But it feels like a fire in my chest.

Oh the sea, it’s engulfing me,

Its warmth like nothing I’ve had.




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