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The Beach

I’ve been looking closely at a few poems by Vernon Scannell and let me tell you- I am Impressed!!!

That guy had a way with words I haven’t seen in a long time. Unfortunately, he died on November 16, 2007. The thing is though, I can’t wait till Nov 16 to post this poem I wrote inspired by Vernon Scannell himself.


The hushed whispers of the sleeping waves,

Toes buried into the warm sand,

So close to danger, to passing away,

The drug of excitement burning high.

Squeals and shouts from the edge of the world,

Masking the rumbling roar,

Running and playing, it’s all in the moment,

That’s when the thunder begins.

The army approaches, Its hands reaching out,

Grasping what’s left of us now.

The blue of the sea and the light from the sky,

It all turns suddenly black.

There’s no retreating, there’s no escaping,

Only the future that’s left.

Everything’s cold, as wet as blood,

But it feels like a fire in my chest.

Oh the sea, it’s engulfing me,

Its warmth like nothing I’ve had.



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What am I?

I washed away that girl,

Who lingered by my edge,

She whispered she liked my sound,

Later she screamed she hated it instead.


I seized hold of that boy,

Who captured me well,

Later he found out,

I could use that power on him as well.


I hugged that old woman,

Who was too blind to see me,

She walked right into my home,

I had no choice, you see.


I enveloped that wise man,

Who knew what I said,

He came willingly,

And plunged into me himself.


I mourn their last words,

I scream them out loud,

That’s when you realise,

There’s no escaping me.

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To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you.

Me heart trembles,

It’s full of rage,

It wants to torture,

The ones who are torturing.


But my brain is calm,

It’s almost like a dream,

It whispers that I’m wrong,

It whispers for me to wait.


I’m listening to my brain,

I’m sending out a message,

I won’t be like them,

The ones I hate.


And even though my heart wants fire,

To burn them to the ground,

My brain knows,

Water’s wiser.




To all the Muslims out there-I’m with you. Don’t be scared. I Hate what’s happening and I want to hurt every last evil thing out there- to make them suffer for their crimes. But wouldn’t that make me the evil thing?

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We shout we’re fearless,

We shout we’re strong,

We shout as if we shout enough,

There’s no way we can be wrong.


Why do we think having fear makes us a coward?

Why do we think having fear doesn’t make us strong?

People aren’t our weaknesses, they are our strength,

Even the bravest man doesn’t live alone.


But be careful, fear can paralyse you,

But be joyful, fear can ignite you,

But be mindful, fear can surround you,

But be blissful, fear can arise you.

Take a little Risk sometimes

“Close your windows,

Lock your gates,

Just in case something happens.”


It’s the safest,

town in the world,

“Oh no! But have you heard the rumours?”


“Protect your heart,

From misery,”

That might never come.


What’s happened to us,

Why don’t we try?

Why can’t we take a risk sometimes?


Don’t take it the wrong way,

I don’t want to free fall,

Just to open our hearts.


So take a risk,

Open your heart,

And see what really happens.




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Winter and Summer

I miss the clouds on a winter’s night,

I miss the sun that casts no light,

I miss the icy wind from afar,

I miss the sky and the gleaming star.


But now it’s summer, and now it’s bright,

I do not want to block this sight,

The summer’s love is upon this Earth,

Come on, stand up, look proud, show your worth.


-I’m a poet and I don’t even know it


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Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Think before you talk,

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Run but don’t forget to walk.


Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Look at the Clock,

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Your door to time’s unlock.


So you better start to repair,

And you better start to care,

Because you’re running out of air,

Remember: fair is foul, and foul is fair.


I would start to say my prayer,

Because your future is so rare,

Don’t even try to compare,

Yourself with someone else’s flair.


Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Don’t try to run against the clock,

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Life is limited, take a walk.

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Leave and Find

I left behind my young heart,

And loved my new one,

I left behind towns,

And all my friends there,

I left behind the world,

Just to retrieve it back again,

I left behind myself,

And found another me.


But that’s the thing my friend,

I don’t regret my decisions,

Because as the old saying goes,

Everything happens for a reason,

And no matter how sad I might be at the start,

I wake up and relish my new heart,

I wake up and realise,

I don’t want to restart.


No matter how much I left behind,

There’s always something new,

So stop hitting rewind,

And breakthrough,

I would love to talk some more,

Experiences to share,

But you see, I can’t, my reader,

I have love to declare.




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I have a nightmare and I don’t want it to come true,

I have a nightmare and it involves you,

I have a nightmare that’ll destroy me one day,

I have a nightmare that won’t keep at bay.


One day I hope to outgrow my fears,

One day I hope to stop all those tears,

One day I hope to leave all this sadness,

One day I hope to drown in gladness.


I want to stand up and say out loud,

That I’m happy and that I’m proud,

I want to fight back for all that I’ve lost,

I want to shout and I want to boast.


I have a nightmare and I don’t want it to come true,

I have a nightmare and it won’t involve you,

I have a nightmare that’ll destroy me one day,

I have a nightmare that I’ll keep at bay.






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Talk to me and I would retreat,

Peel my first layer and find happiness,

Uncover my second and find love,

But after that, do not touch me,

For you would only find the dirt I hide,

The disgust, the sadness, the anger and the tears,

Even that though is not as worse as what I hide in my core,

For if you peel my last layer, you would find hatred,

Hatred I do everything to hide,

Hatred I disguise from the world,

For that hatred is towards me, and only me alone